José Ruiz, CEO WiiPlan Sports

Our History

From athlete to athlete. Wiiplan Sports was born to give the opportunity to athletes and institutions from all over the world to be able to fulfill their goals through the sports world as I was able to do in my sports career during 21 years as a professional. We provide all the means to guarantee a unique experience.

José Ruiz
CEO Wiiplan Sports

Our mision

Commit to management aimed at continuous improvement and obtaining good results.

Provide the best services in the organization of an event or a company.

Use creative methods and solutions to serve the client in a holistic way, transforming ourselves every day into the benchmark company in service provision and mediation.

Our vision

To be an innovative and integrating company, recognized as a world reference, with a team of qualified and highly motivated professionals, who provide a service oriented to the needs and expectations of users, in synergy with other local sports administrations, which contribute to the development of habits healthy sports.

Nuestra misión

Our values

Nuestros valores

Promote sportsmanship in athletes so that they develop the courage and satisfaction of facing physical and psychological challenges.

Inculcate educational virtues in all members of the sports community, such as: self-control, fair play and respect for established rules.

Teamwork to meet the needs of our athletes, staff, institutions and clubs.

Commitment to quality and sports excellence, implementing and developing management models aimed at continuous improvement.

Develop awareness in our leaders and athletes of the importance of sports with new non-polluting energies.

Nuestros valores

the client’s







From tournaments of the most practiced modalities in the world such as soccer 11 and futsal, to events for modalities that have not yet reached the maximum of popularity.

We develop a special event, in contact with the best brands, from the logistics principle to the implementation of the brand. We at WiiPlan Sports can take your dream to another level, as high as you ever thought possible!

We plan your sport!


What we did not expect happened to us and we accepted the challenge of creating events and projects in water sports, as well as developing projects for large futuristic cities that use their rivers as streets. We think beyond just transportation, as we also take care of our Earth.


And so, with the spirit of overcoming challenges, we began to develop events and projects for air sports and clean public transport for cities of the future.

We not only plan your sport, but also take care of the planet.

How we work

Consultation and initial planning

The first contact with the client is to find out what their dreams are and what they want to achieve.

Right now it’s important to DREAM BIG and let our company do the planning work.

Content development and production

We develop the relevant strategies and actions, in addition to the action itinerary.

In a short time, with all the information in hand, we can start the event, business or project.

Review and release strategy

Before starting the sales or opening process, we review all the information and launch the product on the market.

Constant management

Before, during and after your event, company or project we will be with you, making it possible and that you do not have to worry about the details.

Brands we conect with

Who we are

José Ruiz Cortés

CEO and Owner of Wiiplan Sports.
President of the Futsal Players Association, Spain.
Former Pro Futsal Player.

Inspiration is the most important part of our strategy. We want to serve more and better!

José Ruiz Cortés

Marcelle Farias

International Director of Development and Sales. PE Gradutation. Former futsal Pro player.

Marcelle Farias

Judith Sánchez

General manager Logistics Director.

Judith Sánchez

Francisco Córdoba

Director of Product Physical therapist Graduation.

Francisco Córdoba